LiveIT and Flexpod


Flexpod consists of 2 primary components of a reference architecture.  It consists of Cisco UCS B-Series blades with connectivity to Nexus 5K switching infrastructure and NetApp FAS based storage.  Additional components contain VMware ESX or Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors.  The purpose of Flexpod is rapid deployment and extensive scalability through the unified architectures of the primary components.  With Cisco UCS and NetApp Storage running Clustered DataONTAP, you can expand up to 40 chassis of 8 blades and 8 total NetApp storage systems within a single namespace and management domains.  This leads to enablement for a private cloud infrastructure to grow rapidly and without any concern of technology stagnation.  Through the use of these components, an organization can add to the blocks and upgrade with almost zero impact to the applications dependent on this infrastructure.

Here is an example configuration diagram:

LiveIT's specialty is deploying this architecture to our customers through extensive knowledge of datacenter deployments and extensive understanding of all components including guest operating systems and their applications primarily deployed in a customer’s private cloud.  Unlike traditional storage vendors and network vendors, LiveIT's engineers grew up in all facets of the datacenter.  We know the building blocks and every engineer can support every aspect of this architecture from as server based of Microsoft Exchange or Citrix VDI to Cisco OTV to extend datacenters to multiple locations.  This differentiates us in that a single engineer can deploy the entire architecture and further make changes to the architecture to account for each organizations specific needs.

We are the difference in support.