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Cloud Server Hosting

Our basic server hosting solutions are simply that, for clients needing low cost simple solutions.
We have a single and dual processor offering to quickly get you started, or give you the added power you need.

For everyone else:  let’s discuss what your requirements are and design the best cost effective solution to meet your needs now,  and have a master plan for your future.

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Exchange Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server with Outlook is the industry leading business solution for managing, sharing and securing email, calendars, contacts and information.
We offer Basic Exchange, Exchange with Outlook, and Custom Exchange Solutions.

We will provide a free quick review to verify which level of service is best for you.

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Offsite Backup

Data loss can occur at any time for a variety of reasons. Your business cannot afford to have its critical data jeopardized.
You need an Enterprise Level solution that meets your real business needs for retaining your data.
You also may require certain levels of compliance to protect that data, especially in regards to protecting your client’s personal information.

Let LiveIT provide the service you need for serious data backup and protection. Pay only for the compressed gigabytes you store, with customized flexible retention policies. Keep it safe in two remote secure and compliant U.S. locations.

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We have a straightforward offering to suit most basic business needs.
Multiple websites, POP3 email accounts, and FTP server for streaming large files.

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