NetApp - Hot Add Disk Shelf

Posted by Garrett Downs

One of the most common things we perform at LiveIT is adding disk shelves to existing and running NetApp FAS systems.  There is pretty good documentation, but we broke it down to some simplistic aspects.  For that, here is some simple instructions on how to perform this process:

IOM Modules are identified differently based on the Disk Shelf.  For DS2246, IOM-A is the left controller on the disk shelf and IOM-B is the right controller on the disk shelf.

For the DS4246/DS4243 IOM-A is the top controller and IOM-B is the bottom controller.


First thing, power on disk shelf and set shelf ID to a distinct one from the rest of the system as a whole.  Once done, you MUST power off the disk shelf, have it powered off for 30 seconds, and then power on.  This is to insure the full IOM is set properly to the new ID.  From there, follow steps below:

a. Disconnect the SAS cable from the I/O Module (IOM) A circle port on the last shelf in the stack.

You can leave the other end of the cable connected to the controller to minimize confusion, or replace the cable with a longer cable if needed.

b. Connect (daisy-chain) the IOM A circle port of the last disk shelf in the stack to the IOM A square port of the new disk shelf using the SAS cables that came with the new disk shelf.

c. Connect the cable you removed in Substep a to the IOM A circle port of the new disk shelf.

d. Verify that all cables are securely fastened.

e. Repeat Substeps a through d for IOM B.


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