CallManager TSP Client and Windows 7

Posted by Scott Stephens

So recently we deployed CallManager 10.5 for a customer who explicitly wanted to upgrade for Click2Dial functionality of their system  Simple, upgraded from v6 to v10.5 with very little issues.  However, the new TSP Client from Cisco did not function properly with dialer.exe which was called by the ERP application (Navision 6.0) through a tapimanagement.dial method within their code.

So, working through it, you receive a message that the drive is not compatible with TAPI.DLL when you setup Dialer to use the TSP interface for their lines on their phones.  Awesome.

It took some considerable time, but remediation was the following:

A registry hack was needed. 

1.  Run Dialer.exe

2. Go to Tools -> Connect Using and select the Cisco line you wish.  Click Ok on any errors you receive.

3.  Don't worry about the address setting, that's what this hack is for!

4.  Exit Dialer

5.. Run regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Dialer

6.  Preferred Address is probably set to -1.  Set this to 0.

7.  Run Dialer, it should see it now.

After the reg hack, some more settings are needed.

1.  Within CallManager to to System -> LDAP -> LDAP Authentication.

2.  Modify the LDAP port for your LDAP servers (ONLY IF WINDOWS Active Directory!) and set to 3268.

3.  If you have a Common Device Configuration, modify this under Device -> Device Settings -> Common Device Configuration  and set IP Addressing Mode to IPV4 only.

Within Windows, FULLY disable IPV6.  Yup, completely disable.

Once these steps were followed, the system began to work properly and there were no more issues reported.


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